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​Finally, a dick that helps.




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This design is A tampon alternative in the shape of male genitals in response to cases of menstrual shaming; planned branding strategy to promote Dipon as a pioneer product in Chinese market.

My inspiration for the design came from an experience some women around me experienced: a boy would ask a girl if she was comfortable with a tampon. It made me feel very offended, and at the same time felt the lack of knowledge of Chinese men in this area. After that, I did a lot of research and found that menstrual shaming occurs all over the world, especially in East Asian countries such as China. So I designed this ironic design project.

And feminism is currently the focus of discussion in online communities. And especially in China, it has a huge market potential to develop. This product can be branded as a pioneer product to create conversation, gain public opinion, and open the Chinese tampon market.

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