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​Salted Card

A lightweight, multi-module seasoning container for cooking on the go.




Product Designer






During short trips or camping, if we need to cook, we need to bring or buy the spices for cooking locally. But whether it is to carry or buy local seasonings, it is extremely inconvenient. The large package of seasonings in supermarkets is far more than our short-term needs, which may cause a lot of waste. Carrying seasonings takes up a lot of luggage space and is easy to leak. So I designed this card-shaped seasoning box.

This card seasoning box appears in small stores, supermarkets, airport and train station gift shops. It's a seasoning box that's already filled, and the amount is calculated to be just enough for a short trip.

This product comes in many different versions and colorways. The most basic version is the color matching of Mondrian's famous works, which is a common general seasoning in all countries. Other versions are coloured by famous paintings from different regions, and the seasonings are also characteristic of the region. This design is a good choice whether locals need to bring their favorite local flavors when traveling, or travelers want to buy souvenirs, or give friends as gifts with local characteristics. Not only does this product make it easier to cook on the go, it also reduces seasoning waste and conveys the idea of sustainability.

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